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Social Media 

Social Media is the most effective, cost-efficient way to reach, engage, and retain new customers. 

Having an active presence on Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your business, but having an effective presence requires more than just posting or tweeting.


How do you keep up with all the changes and new products while trying to run a business? Simple! Let PMC maintain your social media accounts. Social media services include:

  • develop relevant content topics

  • create, curate and manage content

  • monitor and respond to users

  • development of brand awareness

  • monitor trends in social media

  • report on effectiveness of campaigns


PMC can help you "up your game" on Social Media, increase your reach, and create eye-catching content that delivers your marketing message with powerful impact.

Contact PMC today to learn more! 




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Social Media Management 

packages starting at just $250/mo.

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